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How to do Gratitude Journaling

These days, we see articles everywhere about how to “set your intentions for the day” … “start your day with a plan” … “have more focus” … “be a happier person.”  Well, I want to talk about a great way to do ALL of those things with 1 simple exercise, which is called Gratitude Journaling. I Read More

How do I get ride of my “spare tire” or “love handles”?

Why helllloooooo 2016!  Crazy enough, we are already 6 days in, and I’m wondering where the time has gone…also, where are my Christmas decorations? Can we insert the sad face emoji with streaming tears here?  Anyone else feeling this way?  Yes?  Ok, great. Ok, to the topic at hand. As with any New Year, it Read More

Calorie Counting – Is It Worth the Effort?

“Calories absolutely count, but we absolutely should not be counting them.” I heard the above quote in a podcast (We Do Science! The Guru Performance Podcast). I stopped to think about that for a moment and realized how calorie-focused our society has become.  At any given moment, the next “enemy of the food state” could appear, Read More