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Friday Full Body Circuit and Random Musings on Prioritization

Whew…soooo…about that posting thing.  Ok, here’s the deal.  I am still reading other blogs.  I love their content.  It reminds me I should post my own content.  What gives?  Where is the breakdown ?  Uhhh…that would be in the execution.  You know, I talk with clients all of the time about the disconnect between what Read More

It’s time to jump in…

How many podcasts do I need to listen to?  How many articles do I need to read that tell me to just get started?  I’m a perfectionist.  Ok, there…I said it.  Like many people, I’ve contemplated starting a blog for months now, maybe a year?  Wow…time is running together.  Regardless, I’ve thought about it.  I’ve Read More