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I know, I know.  The title is so original.  As I sit here multitasking while watching the Falcons play the Redskins, I decided to forego spending time on thinking of a better title and actually just write the post.  Clearly, I need to put myself on a better posting schedule…based on my limited track record.   This week, I actually broke out some old P90x DVDs to mix up my workouts a little bit.  My schedule was a little off coming back from our quick weekend trip last weekend, and it was a little easier to just turn on a DVD and get in a few quick-ish workouts.

This week (yes, I’m one of those that considers Sunday the first day of the week), my schedule will be changing up a bit again.  I need to put a little more thought into my workout schedule for the week for 2 reasons.  The first, I will be adding 2 more spin classes to my weekly schedule.  Typically, it’ll be Monday and Thursday mornings.  This week, it’ll only be Monday, which brings me to the 2nd reason.  I will be traveling to Texas for a quick work trip.  I’ll be leaving early Wednesday morning, going straight on-site for an event, spending the night, potentially having an early breakfast meeting on Thursday, then leaving Texas mid-morning.  I’m excited about the trip, but I am doubtful of the ability to get in an early workout on Thursday morning.  I may be able to swing it, so I will practice what I preach to clients: bring my workout gear and have a workout plan in place, in case the few other things that could prevent the workout fall through.  I’ll keep you posted…which requires me to actually write another post later this week.  I have quick a few workouts and variations of those workouts that I’ve done recently and want to share here.  So, there’s that to look forward to.

Without further ado, I suppose I should actually post some content for the title of this post…your Sunday Playlist.  This is the playlist I used for my indoor cycling class I taught this past Tuesday.  It’s got a few of my new favorites “songs of the moment,” as well as some songs I love and haven’t used in a while.  I am loving Ellie Goulding’s new song right now, so I am using that as my warm-up song to get it going.  Two weeks ago, I had a ton of hill climbs in the playlist, so I took it easy on the class this past week and only had 2: “Dark Horse” and “TKO.”  Although, “TKO” is a 7 minute song, which some may argue is equivalent of 2 hill climbs, but ehhhh…let’s no split hairs over it.  Shall we??  It’s also one of my favorites.  Of course, ask anyone in some of my spin classes, and they’ll tell you I say that about all the songs.  It’s true.  I sort of do.

Indoor Cycle Playlist
Enjoy the playlist.  Let me know if you have any questions or would want more descriptions around what I use each song for (hill climb, sprint, etc).  I am also always looking for new music, so I’d love to hear your favorite songs to use for spin classes as an instructor or to hear as participants.

Happy Sunday everyone!  I’m going back to fully focusing on the game.  It’s getting a little stressful in the 4th quarter.  Go Falcons!

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