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Hi there!  Welcome to My Fit Life in Progress!  I’m so excited you’re here…working on your own fit life in progress!  This blog is my little space to talk all thing health and wellness…which is a pretty broad category.  I totally get it.  While I love fitness and exercise is definitely my passion (see my blurb about college and certifications below), I believe that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about one thing.  It’s about moving, eating, positive thinking, and overall…just living.  Treating yourself well is a process, and we are all constantly a work in progress.  This place is my outlet for talking exercise (which I don’t get to do as much anymore), a place to get on the occasional soap box or two, and finally just a place to chat with…well…you guys!  Since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re a lot like me.  Well, I guess I should actually tell you about me…that’s why you’re really here, right?

My name is Jade Peterson.  I’m an Exercise Physiologist currently living in Georgia.  I grew up in Georgia, but I am currently living in North Carolina and had been there for 3 years.

T&J 5k

As I mentioned, I am an Exercise Physiologist.  I have my B.S. and M.S. in Exercise and Health Science.  I attended Kennesaw State University for undergrad and Georgia State University for graduate school.  I work for an amazing weight loss company, called Retrofit.  You can check us out here.  I am fortunate enough to work from home, which is amazing.  My position has shifted slightly (which is a great thing), but I don’t get to chat about exercise as much anymore…thus part of the reason for this blog.

I hold the following certifications:
ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
ACSM Exercise is Medicine Certification – Level 2
ACE Weight Management Specialist

I am  passionate about health, wellness, and leading a balanced lifestyle…enter this blog!  I counsel clients on living a healthy lifestyle, but I am constantly striving to do the same myself…especially when it comes to not eating my body weight in sugar, specifically chocolate!  It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it!  Haha! I love to stay active, whether it’s exercising, going on hikes, or just taking my boys (mentioned below) for walks each day.  I love to be outside and enjoy constantly learning about health, wellness, activity, and well…just life.

T&J Wedding
I am married to my best friend ::cue the eye rolls:: who helps me to be a better person every day.  He is in the Army, thus our stay in North Carolina.  He is pretty awesome and makes me laugh constantly.  His sarcastic-ness and lack of overt emotions is ridiculous (in a good way).

This guy. :)

This guy. 🙂

I also have 2 dogs, who are my children.  I mean, what pet parents don’t say that?  But, they are the other loves of my life.  My tan pit is Turner, and my black lab is Cleat.  I am a total, crazy dog lady.  So, you’ll likely see many a picture of these two angels.  😉

Tuner & Cleat

Tuner & Cleat

Well, I guess those are the big things.  Thanks for coming over to check out my little blog, and my musings on life.  Enjoy!

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